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About Kim Susan, LLC

Marine Workboats

Kim Susan LLC, is based in Larose, Louisiana and operates a fleet of workboats in South Louisiana. Its fleet supports a multitude of projects for the marine industry in South Louisiana.

Respect & Integrity

Kim Susan LLC, a family established business since 1974 is a Veteran of the offshore marine industry providing an unprecedented level of service, safety, performance, and customer satisfaction for over 35 years. Our company is built upon the core values of Respect, Integrity, Loyalty, Professionalism, and Perseverance.

Our Mission

Kim Susan, LLC a family established business with over 35 years of experience operating vessels in the offshore oil and gas industry. We are committed to satisfying your company needs in a safe and timely manner. We are prepared to meet the demands of supporting our customers with our modern fleet of supply vessels, coupled with superior service, innovative

technology, and the highest safety standards. Kim Susan is at the forefront of the offshore marine transportation industry. Each vessel and every employee is committed to providing our customers with consistent quality and a continual focus on professionalism and customer satisfaction.